JNS.org The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), a Christian Zionist organization based in Jerusalem, has announced that it will be providing support through its aid agency to the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, which helps child terrorism victims.

The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is a non-profit organization established by former Shiloh mayor David Rubin that offers therapeutic and emotional health services for children from Jewish communities, primarily in Judea and Samaria, who have suffered from terrorism incidents over the past several years.

“In representing compassionate Christians from around the world, the ICEJ wants to be sensitive to the serious problems facing these traumatized children and thus we have begun supporting the work of Rubin’s center,” the organization said in a press release.

Shiloh is an ancient biblical city located in the hills of Samaria that was the religious and cultural capital of Israel before Jerusalem. It is mentioned several times in the Hebrew Bible as the location where Joshua divided the land between the 12 tribes and where the Ark of the Covenant was located before moving to Jerusalem. It also became an important center of worship during the early Christian period.

Modern Shiloh is home to a small Jewish community that was founded in the late 1970s.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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