It’s a little odd the way that together the tandem of G-d and Jerusalem snuck into the news over the last few days.  After all the part of the world that believes in G-d also features a segment of that population that will tell you that the Jewish association with Jerusalem is not something that G-d countenances.

But just look what we have here.  It took the aloofness of President Obama, the hostility of Israel’s detractors toward the Jewish statae and overall Democratic Party negligence to lop G-d and Jerusalem together, just when anyone one of us least expected it.

The Democratic brain trust apparently decided to write G-d out of the party platform and while they were at it they decided that they had had enough of that official position that routinely announces that Jerusalem is really, truly the capital of Israel.  I guess the president though that it was time to take another small step in the direction of creating some daylight between the US and Israel.  Jerusalem was a good as any place for them to start.

But just a day and a lit of angry big money supporters later, both G-d and Jerusalem are back in the party platform, just when the Democrats thought they had gotten rid of both. 


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