By Larry Gordon

This morning’s news reports that the US Congress has authorized a further emergency expenditure of $225 million for the stepped up production of more Iron Dome anti-missile rockets that have been doing such a lifesaving and exemplary job.

At the same time the Obama administration—in order to display their impartiality and evenhandedness for some misplaced reason—has also authorized the spending of $47 million in emergency aid for Gaza.  Whether this money gets wired directly into Khalid Mashaal’s personal bank account in Qatar or just ends up there after a circuitous journey through some Asian or European banks remains to be seen.

With the $225 million allocation that will bring the US spending on the financing of the Iron Dome to a total of $621 million.  When compared to the $5 billion the US has already donated to Palestinian causes over the last decade and the many billions European nations have sunk into the cause (and I mean really sunk) it is clearly a mere pittance.

Another numbers oriented problem is the main stream media’s characterization of the casualty count of the ongoing Israel war on terror.  You cannot ignore the emphasis they make on the so called disproportionality of the numbers.  So far over 800 Arabs have been killed and the 33rd Israeli lost his life in Gaza earlier this morning.  On top of this the media is excited to report that most of those 800 are women and children but they do not really know that, though they report it as fact.  Their source for the information is Hamas medical or political people who are notoriously unreliable but that does not faze the journalists at CNN or the BBC.  After this is all over Israel will come up with the real and accurate numbers.

Now, on the number of missiles fired by Hamas.  The count according to Israel officials is about 2,000.  Israel can detail where exactly every missile landed or whether it was destroyed by Iron Dome.  So far about 400 missiles or rockets were shot out of the sky by Iron Dome.  Another 1500 landed in unpopulated open areas doing little damage and causing no injuries.  That leaves 100 missiles or rockets unaccounted for which according to these reports means that they landed inside Gaza.  What no one cares or dares to mention is where those Hamas rockets in Gaza landed and how many people they killed.

The predisposition to make Israel look bad, violent and destructive continues unabated.  And this is not because the media is anti- Israel or anti-Semitic. It’s just that when CNN or MSNBC or The BBC can report that the traditional good guys—Israel—are bad and uncaring about Arab deaths that makes them look tougher and keeps viewers riveted to their seats watching them on TV.  They can’t be bothered now with the possibility that they have it all wrong.  The show must go on.


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