As I  heard  the  air  raid  sirens  late last night  and  imagined  my children           and   grand children scurrying  for  the shelters, I pondered, “what now,               after the twelfth broken “cease fire”?

         A Hamas  spokesman declared that they will decide  when Israelis enter              bomb shelters and when they leave.

         That has indeed been the case as of this writing.

          So what  do  do about  Gaza and the terror regime  there?

           First of  all,  we must remind ourselves that Gaza is part of Eretz Yisroel              and it is  ours – all of it.  We  announce  our intention to return  to that part            of our home and  reestablish the  uprooted Jewish communities                          and add to them. There  will be  many patriotic willing takers.


           All Hamas and other  terrorists  must surrender  by  a  certain date  and              hour or  be hunted down and killed. Those  who surrender on time  will be           expelled. If these latter are  suspected  of have taken  part in killing Jews,           they will be tried and  if  found  guilty, executed.

The  general Gaza population  must enter designated safe  areas after being checked for Hamas or other terror  association.

All other  areas of Gaza  will be “free  fire zones”  for the IDF. We will minimize  use of infantry to flush  out the terrorists.

Only those  who take  an oath , recognizing Israeli sovereignty will be allowed to stay in Gaza as it  will be  officially returned  and annexed to Israel. Those  who  do not  wish to sign will be  expelled with compensation for  property

 Those  who act  against Israel sovereignty or  security  will be  expelled with no compensation.

The  non belligerent population will be   encouraged to emigrate  with compensation and  incentives.

Those  who choose  to  stay, will have  local political expression  and  human / civil rights. They will not participate in the national  political life  of  Israel.

 No longer  will  Arabs   influence the  future of the  Jewish state.

They shall be  free to leave to any where they like  to  express a national  identity of their  choice.

“But …uh oh.. the world might not say kind things about us.. I’ ll bet they won’t be  any kinder to us than  they are today… but they will start to respect us again.



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