5In the hands of a true addict, there is nothing more exhilarating than the morning’s first cup of coffee. Except maybe for the afternoon pick-me-up of iced coffee, cappuccino, frappes, or latte.

Coffee just got a whole lot more exciting with the launching of Gefen’s newest product. Years in the making, the research and experimenting have finally paid off with a product of unmatched excellence. Sure to become an instant staple, Gefen Ice Coffee Mixer is perfection in a bottle. Top-grade coffee flavors and additives are expertly combined to create the intense, richly flavored syrup bound to upgrade any cup instantly. When you’re aiming for something more than your ordinary beverage, just add a splash of Gefen Ice Coffee Mixer to a cup of hot or cold milk or water for that upscale café flavor in the comfort of your kitchen. It is available in three delicious flavors–vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel–for your favorite magical cup.

The magic doesn’t end in the cup, though. Give homemade cakes and ice creams that extra zing with a dash of Gefen’s syrup, and turn ordinary yogurt into an extraordinary treat. In Irish coffees or with vodka on the rocks, the syrup’s versatility earns it a place of honor in every pantry.

Since 1995, Gefen has made it their mission to bring the kosher consumer high-quality and innovative products. Gefen Ice Coffee Mixer is just an extension of this ongoing desire for innovation and growth. With hundreds of successful products, from canned goods to fresh juices, Gefen continues to uphold a tradition of excellence, and the newest Ice Coffee Mixer just proves that again.

Your morning cup of coffee might be a real necessity. This is a real treat. v


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