So this guy is driving east on the Southern State Parkway minding his own business on a Sunday afternoon. There is some minimal congestion on the highway so no one is going too fast. In fact all the cars are moving along significantly below the speed limit, perhaps 25 to 30 MPH.
All of a sudden there is a screech of brakes or wheels hitting the pavement behind the driver which causes him to glance up at the rear view mirror and then the side view mirror. There is a car right there practically on top of the lead car, way too close for comfort. The driver, that would be me, tries to accelerate to get out of the way of the car that the other driver has apparently lost control of. But there is traffic and there is no place to go without running the risk of hitting another car.
So boom, my car gets hit by this off white Toyota that is already for some reason driving along the grassy shoulder of the roadway before hitting the road divider and coming to an involuntary stop. We are okay, but there is obviously damage to the car as I felt two bounces or impacts from their vehicle before they came to a stop.
The four occupants of the other car jump out full of apologies and expressions of sorry about what had just transpired here on this Long Island roadway. I quickly dialed 911 and it took just a few minutes for the State Police to arrive on the scene. The police officer asked all of us if we were hurt. One of the occupants of the other car said that she had hit her head against something. So, he asked do you want an ambulance. She responded in the affirmative.
It didn’t take long but it seems that every available emergency vehicle in the nearby town of Wantagh was on their way with sirens blaring. There was an additional police car, the volunteer fire department with two vehicles and three ambulances.
The commotion on the side of the road and then the addition of the mix of emergency vehicles brought traffic to a virtual standstill on the roadway. I don’t know about you but like other motorists there seems to be an innate proclivity to want to personally inspect an accident sight and if possible to spy and quickly inspect the people involved, whether you know them, perhaps assess if you can be of assistance or if nothing else feel sorrow or empathy for those poor unassuming victims.
So this time, unfortunately, the victims were us. My wife stayed seated in the car as I paraded up and back on the shoulder of the roadway trying to figure out what happened, if my vehicle could be driven, if anyone else was hurt and overall just what in the world happened.
I always heard stories about motorists seeing others with yarmulkas or otherwise noticeably members of the community stopping to see if they could assist a likeminded individual that might need assistance. But there was really no need this time as we were not hurt, Baruch Hashem, and in addition there was heavy tree coverage on the center median obscuring motorists from seeing us anyway.
The four people in the other car seemed okay too. Their car which they lost control of, hit the strong center divider and kind of got stuck to it making it impossible to move. The police arrived and asked of anyone thought that they needed medical assistance. Everyone declined except for one woman who was in the other car and who said she had bumped her head. She and the other were walking around just fine.

There is a lot more to say about this unfolding saga as Geico will most likely refuse to pay for the damage caused by their insured. They say that if their client says that there was another phantom car that caused the accident then they do not pay. What a wonderful system and what a sham. I glanced at my rear view mirror when I felt the first impact–I saw at least 200 cars back there….


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