The Economist has released a Germany special report, which presents timely insights ahead of President Obama’s visit to Germany this week. 

As President Barack Obama prepares for his visit, German officials are turning up the heat on the U.S. over its Internet surveillance. However, the interrogation will go both directions, as President Obama has questions of his own for Angela Merkel and one of Europe’s most powerful countries.

The Economist’s in-depth Germany Special Report offers insights on the state of affairs in Germany that will be centerpiece discussions between these two world leaders:

  • Germany now appears to have the continent’s strongest and biggest economy, with a jobless rate that is less than half Europe’s average and a 20-year low in youth unemployment, and yet faces accusations of being a “reluctant hegemon.”
  • Angela Merkel, widely seen as the continent’s most powerful politicians, is anticipated to win a third term as chancellor in September. Mrs. Merkel will continue to share her vision that Europe has 7% of the population, 25% of the GDP and 50% of the world’s social spending, and to succeed in competition with emerging countries, she concludes that they cannot continue to be so generous.
  • With the world’s second-oldest population and one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, Germany is facing a demographic bust if they intend to prosper in the future. In fact, the aging/retiring population will create a shortage of skilled workers, that will require the support of migrants to fulfill.
  • And the priceless question is not whether Germany can lead Europe of a better future, but whether it is willing to do so. 

The Economist concludes that, “By 2020 Germany will have many more skilled migrants, and more women will be in the workplace. It will become more of a modern European melting pot. So the best reason to be hopeful is that thought the future of Europe will be made in Germany, the future of Germany will also be made in Europe.”

The above was sent to me by the by Natalie Kitson for the Economist. 

Here is my reply:

In this news summary, The Economist writes:

“Violence flared on Israel’s borders. Israel and the Lebanese militia, Hizbullah, fought their fiercest border duel for years. And Israel sent special forces back into the Gaza Strip to kill Palestinians firing rockets into southern Israel.”

What is the problem with what The Economist writes? Everything. 

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