Once again the Five Towns/Far Rockaway community has been host to an educational program that elevates the standard of chinuch. The Gesher Early Childhood Center is a revolution, the first of its kind to employ a multi-disciplinary method of the highest quality.

In its first five months, Gesher has become synonymous with professionalism and excellence and has impressed parents and educators alike. One mother had the following feedback: “The limudei kodesh program at Gesher is excellent. The program imbues the children with age-appropriate lessons and stories, teaching Torah to them in a way that they can understand and relate to. The general education program is tops. Children learn concepts in creative, hands-on ways so they can retain the lessons!”

What sets Gesher apart is that the teachers are trained and licensed in special education techniques. Every child has strengths that aid their learning process as well as areas or skills that they struggle with. The staff at Gesher is experienced in identifying the learning styles of each student and developing a curriculum that incorporates each child’s needs naturally. A parent from Cedarhurst said, “The staff at Gesher is the best that you could possibly dream of. We could not have found a more perfect school for our son. We highly recommend Gesher for anyone who feels that their child could benefit from extra love and support.”

Gesher utilizes an integrated classroom model, providing every child with an enriched learning experience and positive peer interaction. The staff is familiar with techniques of all related service providers and works together to bring out the best in every child. A speech/language therapist who works with a Gesher student commented that “they are open to suggestions from therapists and implement those suggestions in the classroom.”

A related service provider made this comment about the director: “Chava Bodner runs a professional program with integrity, intelligence, and commitment.” Mrs. Bodner brings 20 years of experience to the program and is always looking to improve. Recently, she began rudimentary training in floor-time therapy, a helpful tool for children who struggle with social interaction and sensory integration.

Another parent stated, “My child’s development at Gesher has been amazing. He knows that at Gesher he is truly loved. What a blessing to be able to send your child to an environment that is catering to his needs. What a gift Gesher has been to us parents and our child.”

Gesher is conveniently located in the preschool building adjacent to the Yeshiva of South Shore. To schedule a consultation, call 516-730-7377 or e-mail Gesherschool@gmail.com. Many of the parents are available as references. v

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