For most frum children, the summer means a time of fun and laughter spent at day camp or sleepaway camp; however, there are many children who come from homes with two working parents and still no means to send their children to camp. Why is camp necessary for every child? Summer camp is an important experience for every child in order to help mold their middos and social interactions while in a “kosher” environment with a Torah foundation.

Chesed - Camp Scholarship

This past May, a group of young adults founded an organization called the Camp Scholarship Fund. The group consists of five young adults who noticed that this was something lacking and felt they should help in this important endeavor. They followed in their parents’ footsteps, who taught “Olam Chesed Yibaneh” by example. The girls’ committee is headed by Channa Shira Ryback and Tali Weinberg, and the boys’ committee is headed by Dovi Friedman, Avi Parnes, and Shmaryahu Ryback.

A fundraiser kickoff event took place at the Five Towns Batting Cages. This event got the word out about this dire need in our very own community. Baruch Hashem, the evening was a smashing success and 14 children went to day camp this summer because people like you “got involved.” We all cherish our camp memories and lifelong friendships that we create. The Camp Scholarship Fund is backed by LIFE, which is founded by Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz.

Thanks to those who have gotten involved already and those who will join in this special organization. You can help support this worthy cause and get involved like these young adults! If you are interested, please e-mail They have a special credit card system that will allow you to pledge an amount per month (for example, $18, $24, or $36 per month). A one-time donation of any size is also appreciated. No contribution is too small.


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