GOTV is the most critical time of the campaign and the key to mobilizing our supporters to GET OUT TO VOTE NO on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20! We will canvass the neighborhood, knocking on the doors of previously identified NO voters to remind them to GET OUT TO VOTE on WEDNESDAY. 
MONDAY, MARCH 18: 10 AM-1 PM and 5 PM-9 PM
TUESDAY, MARCH 19: 10 AM-1 PM and 5 PM-9 PM
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20: 9 AM-10 PM (shifts: 9 AM-12 PM, 12 PM-3 PM, 3 PM-6 PM, 6 PM-10 PM)
Join us for as many shifts as possible, but please note that you do not have to stay for a whole shift: come late, leave early–whatever works! Meet at 524 Clubhouse Road in Woodmere and call Josh L. with any questions at 516-405-0423.
WE NEED POLL WATCHERS: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20 7 AM-10 PM (various shifts still available)

This is one of the most important roles our organization will play in the referendum vote AND one of the most rewarding ways to exercise your civic duty. Contact Michele Justic ( to sign up for a shift and protect the fairness of our election!

See Our New YouTube Video!!!

Visit and Like us on Facebook to learn more about our initiatives:!/CommunityCoalition5T


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