Gianni New York is perhaps the only super-premium gourmet Italian ices brand with both Kof-K and the more heimish Tartikov certification. The brand, which has gained international recognition for flawlessly re-creating the rich taste and texture of authentic Italian ices in a prepackaged retail product, is counting on its retail sampling program to help consumers make the “Gianni = Summer” connection.

“Seeing may be believing, but in this case, tasting is unbelievable,” said a company spokesman when asked why the brand was launching the sampling program. “The best ads, promotion, and even word of mouth don’t get us the response that a simple taste does. People immediately realize we’re not some mass-produced, sticky sweet ices that’s little more than flavored water. They’re almost awed by the way our natural fruit flavor explodes on their tongues and taste buds while the unique texture that’s a result of our small batch manufacturing process enhances the experience as it tickles their tongues and taste buds. You can communicate that in an ad, but you can’t really capture it. So instead we decided to take our message to the people via our summer sample sale. We’re finding that people who try us buy us, and with summer being peak ices season, it looks like this will be a Gianni summer,” concluded the spokesperson.

The product line, which is based on generations of family recipes, includes the classic flavors synonymous with Italian ices like lemon, cherry, mango, coconut, and watermelon. Unlike most of their Italian-ices counterparts, these are as rich in real refreshing flavor as they are in heritage.

Thanks to the addition of the Tartikov hechsher, which is overseen by Rabbi Naftali Meir Babad (the brand already had the internationally respected Kof-K), Gianni’s is getting noticed in new markets as well. “The hechsher gets the initial attention but as shoppers in these markets put a premium on flavor, quality, and natural ingredients, it’s what’s inside that’s closing the sale.”

While the summer sampling calendar is still being finalized (events in Lakewood, Monsey, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn are awaiting confirmation) residents of the Five Towns and surrounding areas will be able to enjoy a firsthand summer sample at Gourmet Glatt of the Five Towns located at 137 Spruce Street in Cedarhurst. The event, which is scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 12:00—5:00 p.m., will also feature “sample sale” savings as impressive as the product.

For more information about Gianni or to arrange for a sampling sale at your supermarket or grocer, please contact BH Ice Cream at 917-939-2123. v


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