“Why can’t summer camp be as long as school and school be as long as summer camp?” That is a question that Kayla Weisz, director of Glick Five Towns, always wondered as a small child.

Now it can! Well, kind of. Starting August 20 is your chance to get in on the secret and join this dynamic group of the luckiest girls around town. Glick will be launching its first-ever Camp After Camp. Two full weeks of fabulous full-time fun! With great hours and amazing pricing, your child is guaranteed to have two weeks of insane fun. Glick is designed to bring smiles, fun, and friendship into your daughter’s childhood each day!

Whether you read it here or see it on your child’s school calendar, you’ve got two weeks in between camp and school. Does school-supplies shopping and uniform-fittings really take two weeks? That’s what Glick is here for! The two-week Glick After Camp is the newest, hottest craze in the Five Towns, featuring an unbeatable carnival, pony rides, game shows, in-house petting zoo, swimming in spacious swimming pools, and nonstop workshops.

Glick is your year-round destination for fun, adventure, and friendship. Whether it’s winter Sunday Funday workshops, end-of-August After Camp, or Glick Pre-Pesach, at Glick there is something for everyone! Sensational staff members rock up the room with excitement to make sure everyone is part of this incredible Glick experience! When you join, you will understand why once you are a Glick girl, you are a part of our Glick family forever!

Glick Sunday workshops are a great way to say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to fun. Girls in kindergarten through fourth grade can enjoy incredible programming, featuring a different skill every week. You will be creating your own masterpiece fruit sculpture, trying your hand at professional cookie-decorating, dancing and singing to original song-dance, or challenging yourself with a fast-paced aerobic workout! Your girls’ Sundays will never be the same!

Glick’s incredible staff has many things in store — scavenger hunts, color war with smashing breakouts, contests, races — all tied into different themes every week! All Glickers have access to our exclusive hotline with all the latest info and updates.

The Glick 8-track catchy CD leaves long-lasting memories, and once Glick is over, you will sing along as you remember your most cherished Glick memories.

Got Glick? Join for a new level of fun to add the finishing touches to your summer! For more information visit GlickGirl.com or call 443-802-4763.


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