Flatbush vs. North Shore 7th-grade
Flatbush vs. North Shore 7th-grade
Flatbush vs. North Shore 7th-grade

On December 29, the HANC Hurricanes Girls’ Varsity defeated the GV from Central 41—33. HANC was led by Liana Hersh with 12 points and Naomi Liviem with 10. Chava Weintraub of Central led all scorers with 15. The 2014—2015 HAFTR JV Girls’ basketball team has only four returning players. With so many new faces, expectations were not very high at the start of the season. But that didn’t stop the Lady Hawks from working hard and pulling together a couple of wins. There is a lot of talent that is still developing and the team is hoping to make a run in the playoffs.

Seventh-Grade Basketball

Searching for their first victory of the season, Flatbush defeated NSHA by a score of 43—28. Flatbush started off with an early first-quarter 8-point lead. NSHA kept coming back and closed the gap to 28—24 in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Flatbush outscored NSHA by 11 points to secure their long-awaited victory. Ely Cohen led Flatbush with 14 points and he was joined by Ness Ades, Kal Abed, and Jeremy Linfield with 8 points each. NSHA was led by Kalaty and Zar with 11 points each.

HAFTR over MDY, 41—38. HAFTR took a 5-point lead to the half as MDY star Nsiri had some early foul trouble. MDY made a strong comeback in the fourth although HAFTR ultimately held on. Jordan Appel led HAFTR in scoring. The East Division leading undefeated Flatbush JV came into Magen David’s vaunted gym on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, with a lot on the line for both teams.

Eighth-Grade Basketball

YHT over YCQ. Both teams traded leads well into the fourth quarter. YCQ grabbed a number of offensive rebounds and ran an aggressive full-court press, converting steals into layups. YHT stayed competitive with a high-energy motion offense that spread the floor for open jump shots. YHT led 29—27 with seconds left in regulation, but YCQ grabbed an offensive rebound and hit a layup to send it to OT. With three seconds left in OT, YHT up 31—29, Shimshon Balakhani stole the inbounds pass, got fouled, and hit both free throws of a 1 and 1 to seal the game for YHT.

JV Basketball

The Falcons, at 8—0 in Yeshiva League play (16—2 overall), had already clinched a first-round bye in the playoffs by dint of beating previously undefeated HAFTR. The Tuesday-night game was for the division crown, a 9—0 record, guaranteed home court through the playoffs, and the best record in the entire league, East and West. The Warriors were fighting for their playoff lives at 2—5, with three games to play in the regular season. Add the natural local rivalry, the relatives and cousins across the scorers’ table, the serious injury over the weekend to Falcons star point guard Louis Zarif, on top of the preseason injury to PF Jackie Mishaan, and you had the makings of a family-style barnburner.

Freshman Maurice Mosseri started at the point for Flatbush. The teams traded buckets in the first period back and forth, and for Flatbush, sophomore captain SG Kevin Haddad and sophomore captain Abie Rosow continued their season-long scoring domination with 5 and 7 points respectively.

MDY’s strategy was to loft three balls against the Falcons’ zone, and in the first period, the Warriors connected on 3 treys and kept pace, 16—13.

The second period was more of the same, except that MDY could not stem the tide of the Falcons’ offense. Led by sophomore PF Yoel Goldberg, the Falcons netted 17 points in the period, with a timely contribution from freshman combo guard Rich Silverman.

In response, MDY was able to score only 9 in the second period, but no field goals only on rainbow threes.

At the half, Flatbush led 33—21. In the third period, the Falcons changed the defense to man-to-man. Suddenly the rainbows stopped. Flatbush scored 12 points, MDY 7, and Flatbush had control 45—28.

In the fourth period, the Falcons played the entire squad, led by sophomore PG Al Tawil, and outscored MDY, 14—11.

The result: the Warriors had 8 threes, but Flatbush had the impressive short-handed win, 59—41.

With the victory, the Falcons won the East division for the second year in a row. The Falcons have the best record in the entire yeshiva league at 9—0, home court advantage through the playoffs, and another banner.

Haddad led the way with 19 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals, and 4 assists. Rosow had 18 and 13 rebounds. Yes, another Abie double-double. Goldberg finished with 8 points and 8 rebounds. Silverman scored 4 and Mosseri 3 and 6 assists.

Flatbush continued its torrid foul shooting, going 8—10 from the line.

For MDY, Teddy Shama scored 16, Elliot Sedaka had 11, and Steven Mizrahi 6. MDY shot 4—7 from the charity stripe.

Varsity Basketball

DRS v. HAFTR: The Rematch. In a rematch from earlier this year in which HAFTR defeated DRS in a thrilling overtime game, the two eastern powers met again, this time in the Hawks’ Nest. The standing-room-only crowd of jubilant fans were not disappointed as both teams raced out to a fast-paced first quarter of play that saw DRS take a 13—12 lead. In the second quarter, HAFTR surged to take a 7-point lead only to see DRS make a furious comeback to cut the lead to 2 as HAFTR led 22—20 at halftime. At the half, Weissman led HAFTR with 7 points and Leifer led DRS with 9. In the second half, DRS came out very strong and built a 5-point lead in the third quarter. But HAFTR was relentless and tied up the score at 34—34 after 3. At the start of the fourth quarter, HAFTR built a 5-point lead that they would not give up and continued their undefeated season with the victory 47—41. Abe Perlow led HAFTR with 16 points and 19 rebounds while Gabe Leifer led DRS with 19 points. Perhaps there is a third contest this season in the playoffs for these rivals.

NSHAHS 32, Flatbush 30. Leading scorer C. Cohen 10 points and Josh Hecht 8 points, including game-winning 15-foot wing-jumper at the buzzer.

30th Annual Scott Satran Memorial Basketball Tournament

The 30th Annual Scott Satran Memorial Basketball Tournament, hosted by HAFTR High School, will begin on Thursday evening, January 8 and culminate on Sunday, January 11.

Scott Satran was described by his brother, Robert Satran, at the dedication ceremony of a Torah in Scott’s memory at the Young Israel of Oceanside in 1989: “He cared about people–young and old alike; he was able to relate to every age group. Scott was everyone’s buddy, confidant, and most of all, friend…” Robbie’s words capture the essence of why this tournament is named for and dedicated to Scott. To him, the most important thing was people. The event brings together high-school athletes from all over and Scott would have loved the idea of meeting new people, of playing ball with them, and of becoming friends with them.

Scott graduated from HAFTR in June 1984. For most of his time there he was a cancer patient but never thought of himself as such. He didn’t allow it. He wanted to be one of the “kids.” He was on the basketball team as well as the hockey team while maintaining his studies because he knew he was going to go to college. After graduation, he attended Queens College where he won a position on the tennis team.

On March 25, 1987 at the age of 20, Scott died, leaving hundreds of people richer for having known him and poorer for not having known him long enough.

This year’s participating teams include the HANC Hurricanes, Waterbury Wolfpack, YDE Thunder, DRS Wildcats, SAR Sting, North Shore Stars, Magen David Warriors, and hosts HAFTR Hawks. Tournament games, which take place at HAFTR gyms, are played on Thursday evening, Friday morning through early afternoon, Saturday evening, and all day Sunday, culminating at the Championship game on Sunday evening. Off the court, the highlight of the tournament is having all the participating teams spend Shabbos together, which provides the members of all the teams the opportunity to meet, socialize, and experience the true meaning of this tournament–friendship and sportsmanship.

Basketball Standings

Girls’ Varsity “A”

Eastern Division

Ramaz                                                  10—1

Flatbush                                                  6—4

HAFTR                                                    5—5

HANC                                                      3—5

North Shore                                            4—7

Heschel                                                    1—8

Central                                                     1—9


Western Division

Bruriah                                                    9—2

SAR                                                          7—2

Frisch                                                       7—3

Maayanot                                               5—6

Hillel                                                         4—5

Kushner                                                   3—8


Girls’ Varsity “B”

SKA                                                          9—0

Bruriah                                                    8—2

Ilan                                                           5—3

Shalhevet                                                5—5

MDY                                                        4—4

Shaare Torah                                         1—9

Shulamith                                               0—9


Girls’ JV

Eastern Division

North Shore                                            7—1

Flatbush                                                  7—2

Central                                                     3—5

HAFTR                                                    2—5

Ramaz                                                     1—8

Western Division

Maayanot                                               8—1

SAR                                                          6—1

Frisch                                                       5—4

Kushner                                                   3—7

Westchester                                            0—8


Boys’ Varsity

Eastern Division

HAFTR                                                 11—0

DRS                                                       10—2

North Shore                                            9—3

Magen David                                         6—4

YDE                                                         6—6

HANC                                                      4—7

Flatbush                                                  4—8

Derech HaTorah                                 1—11

Rambam                                              1—12


Western Division

Frisch                                                     10—0

TABC                                                      9—2

Heschel                                                    6—4

Ramaz                                                     7—5

Hillel                                                         7—5

JEC                                                           6—6

SAR                                                          3—7

MTA                                                      3—10

Kushner                                                 0—11


Boys’ JV

Eastern Division

Flatbush                                                  9—0

HAFTR                                                    6—1

North Shore                                            7—2

HANC                                                      4—4

DRS                                                          4—4

Rambam                                                 4—5

Shaare Torah                                         3—5

YDE                                                         3—6

Magen David                                         2—6

Ezra                                                          0—9


Western Division

MTA                                                        7—1

SAR                                                          6—1

Frisch                                                       4—2

Ramaz                                                     5—3

TABC                                                      4—3

Heschel                                                    3—3

JEC                                                           3—6

Kushner                                                   2—7

Hillel                                                         0—8


Eighth-Grade Boys’

Division 1

Flatbush                                                  4—0

Barkai                                                      5—0

MDY                                                        2—1

YCQ                                                         2—1

YDH                                                         1—4

CHY                                                         0—3

SSSQ                                                        0—4

YOH                                                         0—3


Division 2

HAFTR                                                    3—0

HALB                                                      4—1

NSHA                                                      1—1

YHT                                                         1—1

Brandeis                                                  1—2

HANC                                                      1—3

Seventh-Grade Boys’

HAFTR                                                    5—0

MDY                                                        3—2

HALB                                                      2—2

Flatbush                                                  1—4

NSHA                                                      1—4


Sixth-Grade Boys’

North Shore                                            4—0

Flatbush                                                  4—1

HAFTR                                                    3—1

YCQ                                                         2—1

MDY                                                        2—2

HALB                                                      2—2

Barkai                                                      1—4

YDH                                                         1—4

YHT                                                         0—4


Girls’ Varsity

North Shore                                            3—1

HAFTR                                                    3—1

YHT                                                         2—1

Flatbush                                                  2—3

Brandeis                                                  1—2

HANC                                                      0—3


Girls’ High-School (Women Only)

HALB                                                      3—0

Barkai                                                      5—1

YNJ                                                          4—2

MDY                                                        3—2

YCQ                                                         0—2

Bruriah                                                    1—4

Shulamith BK                                        1—5

Shulamith LI                                          0—3

Hockey Standings

Eastern Division

HAFTR                                                      21

DRS                                                            20

HANC                                                        15

North Shore                                               10

Rambam                                                     9

Flatbush                                                       7

SSLI                                                              4

Magen David                                              4


Western Division

TABC                                                         18

Ramaz                                                       16

SAR                                                            15

Kushner                                                     15

MTA                                                           14

Frisch                                                            7

JEC                                                               6

Heschel                                                        0


Boys’ JV

Eastern Division

Rambam                                                   18

DRS                                                            12

Flatbush                                                     12

HANC                                                        11

North Shore                                                 9

HAFTR                                                        8

Magen David                                              8

YDE                                                              2

Shaare Torah                                              2


Western Division

SAR                                                            14

Frisch                                                          10

MTA                                                           10

JEC                                                               8

TABC                                                           8

Ramaz                                                         7

Hillel                                                             4

Westchester                                                 0

Judah Rhine is co-director of MVP Boys Basketball Camp and has been coaching youth basketball for 30+ years. He can be reached at mvp4boys@gmail.com.


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