Jerusalem–Speaking during a visit to the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani expressed unwavering support for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s right to speak out against the Iranian threat.

Giuliani said, “I want the people of Israel to know that there is very strong support that if there is going to be any agreement with Iran, it must be based upon the fact that Iran needs to have virtually no possibility of maintaining any nuclear arsenal. I therefore deeply admire Prime Minister Netanyahu for speaking out on this issue, but he honestly has no choice. If someone threatens to kill you, you simply don’t give them the gun to do it, unless there’s something wrong with you.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu described the mayor as a true leader, recalling his role on behalf of the people of New York in the wake of 9/11. The prime minister thanked Giuliani for his support, saying, “Your visit comes at a particularly critical time because we are growing ever closer to the P5+1 agreement, an agreement which would directly endanger the State and people of Israel by leaving in the hands of Iran the ability to develop nuclear bombs. This is an agreement which is dangerous not only for us, but indeed for the entire world. My responsibility is to do everything possible in order to prevent such an agreement.”

Mayor Giuliani also focused his remarks on the late Prime Minister Begin, whom he described as a “personal hero,” and he said he had no doubt that Begin would work with the same resolve in regard to an agreement with Iran.

The mayor concluded by saying that Begin defined true leadership: “He was able to state his goals very clearly and stick with those goals whether they were popular or not, because he always asked not what the popular decision was, but what was good for his country.”


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