Rosh Hashanah begins next week! All this week we will be featuring different recipes and techniques for challah. To submit your recipe (with photos or videos) send email to!

Jules Shepard didn’t set out to lead, inspire and advocate for the gluten-free community. But to anyone who knows her, it’s no surprise she does.

As a celiac diagnosed in 1999, and as an indomitable perfectionist with a penchant for equality and fairness, this former domestic violence attorney was simply unwilling to accept the dry, gritty, vacuous foods that were the norm then. Two years in her kitchen later, Jules had perfected an all-purpose gluten-free flour blend that enabled her to continue her passion for baking.

Since its introduction in 2008, Jules has sold well more than a million pounds of her unparalleled gluten free flour, first with her former company, Jules Gluten Free, and now exclusively through her new company, gfJules®.

Check out her recipe for challah shaped like a crown and step up your game with her gluten free challah with cinnamon and apples!



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