How do you decorate your home from 6,000 miles away? You hire the design firm that goes the distance for you.

Jeffrey Mark of J. Mark Interiors is always on the move. From his New York headquarters to the hills of Jerusalem to trade shows throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, Mr. Mark travels the world to accommodate the growing needs of his discerning clients.

The dream of owning a home in Israel is now becoming a reality for many Americans and Europeans. With the recent increase in vacation home ownership in Israel, Mr. Mark has developed a specialized market. Currently, several of his largest design projects are under way in Israel. Mark’s international clients often turn to him for advice even before taking the leap. His constant presence in both countries allows his clients to feel at ease with their new home purchase.

After the purchase is complete, Mr. Mark and his J. Mark Interiors team get to work developing and mapping out a unique design that’s tailor-made to the client’s individual needs. His designers in New York can be found on daily conference calls with the Israel office, discussing details of every international project. The goal is to ensure that each new home surpasses the client’s expectations.

As he blends Old World tradition with innovative design, Mr. Mark’s love for the land of Israel and passion for his craft are evident in all of his projects. In Israel, he oversees all aspects of the building, renovation, and design. After the project is officially completed, Mr. Mark makes sure to follow up throughout the year to ensure that every last need is met. He typically forms long-lasting relationships with his clients and considers them friends.

“Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients create the home of their dreams,” Mr. Mark says. “That goes for any client, but when it’s somebody fulfilling a lifelong dream, it’s beyond exhilarating.”

Some of Mr. Mark’s notable projects are in Jerusalem’s most desirable locations. He recently completed work at the King David’s Crown Jerusalem, the prestigious residence adjacent to the world-famous King David Hotel. The J. Mark Interiors New York showroom has also been designated as the U.S. sales office for the King David’s Crown.

J. Mark Interiors is still as committed as ever to providing its local clients with the same attention to detail and customer service they have come to expect over the past 20 years. Now located at the Five Towns Design Center in Cedarhurst, the 6,500-square-foot showroom features ever-changing displays that represent the latest interior-design trends and the finest-quality products. With all of their global resources and staff in place, Jeffrey Mark and J. Mark Interiors can accommodate any project, big or small, at home or abroad.


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