MTA - College Helplication MTA - Freshmen Student Council Elections MTA - Freshmen Take the Woods MTA - Meet the Israeli Author Kickoff MTA - Parent-Son Learning Program MTA - R' Ezra Schwartz Guest LectureParent-Student Learning By: Rami Nordlicht (‘16) On Sunday, October 18, Yeshiva University High School for Boys students and their family members came together for an epic day of Torah study at the annual parent-son learning program. After davening, the event’s participants were treated to a fabulous breakfast that highlighted the uniqueness of the day. Next, an inspiring speech was delivered by Rav Moshe Tzvi Weinberg, a rebbe and the mashgiach at Yeshiva University’s BMP program, who spoke about how special it was for family members to be involved in the environment that MTA students are engrossed in on a daily basis, and how studying specifically in a yeshiva is a most important endeavor. He noted that this event will hopefully be one of many opportunities for students and their family members to learn together in a true yeshiva setting, and that the chance to learn with one’s family member should not be taken for granted. Finally, all participants headed to their regular shiurim where the visitors were privileged to get a taste of what an MTA shiur entails. Everyone who participated in the event finished the day with much inspiration. We look forward to similar opportunities in the future.

Rabbi Ezra Schwartz Meets With Senior Jewish History Class. By: Shimmy Mandelbaum (‘16). This Wednesday, select Yeshiva University High School for Boys 12th-graders were privileged to hear from a noted Torah scholar, Rabbi Ezra Schwartz. Rabbi Schwartz is a roshyeshiva and bochen at Yeshiva University, and teaches classes on numerous topics across the Jewish spectrum; he is also the rabbi of the Mount Sinai Congregation in Washington Heights and a proud MTA parent. Despite his busy schedule, Rabbi Schwartz was able to designate a time slot specifically to discuss topics being learned in MTA’s 12th-grade Jewish history class, which is taught by Mr. Jacob Bernstein. Topics covered in his discussion included the contributions of different rabbis in the 16th century to Kabbalah and other Jewish scriptures and especially to halachah. Rabbi Schwartz made sure to reference various texts from that time in order to convey the information to the students in manner which was quite successful. Some of the works referenced included the ShulchanAruch and the Rema, the most significant works of halachah produced at that time. The MTA seniors are grateful to Rabbi Schwartz for meeting with them to discuss the matter, and are thankful to Mr. Bernstein for organizing the meeting.

‘Meet the Israeli Author’ Holds Opening Event. By: Jack Alkhabaz (‘17). On Wednesday, Yeshiva University High School for Boys 11th grade “Meet the Israeli Author” elective kicked off its first formal class. Meet the Israeli Author is a Hebrew elective course for motivated Hebrew-language students and budding Hebrew writers. Throughout the year, we will be participating in monthly “virtual workshops” with award-winning Israeli author Ms. Chana Bat Shahar, which will be conducted entirely in Hebrew. Between the workshops, we meet with Morah Haibi, our Hebrew teacher, to prepare for the monthly sessions and work on our own Hebrew short stories.

At our first session with Ms. Bat Shahar, last year’s students joined us to receive volume 5 of the Hebrew Language Journal published at the end of last year, which included their original short stories.

After a speech from Mrs. Rosenberg, director of Hebrew language, and our roshyeshiva Rabbi Taubes, the alumni were given the published journal, which is now in the publications room and archives at the National Library of Israel.

Ms. Bat Shahar said a few encouraging words to the alumni, and began to speak with us about our workshop. We began to learn her methods and received pointers on how to craft the beginning of our fictional story. We also had a chance to ask Ms. Bat Shahar about her life and writing.

As we begin our short stories, we will meet with Morah Haibi and Ms. Bat Shahar and they will mentor us through our Skype sessions.

MTA Freshmen Take on the Woods! On Thursday, October 22, three buses filled with excited Yeshiva University High School for Boys freshmen headed to Norvin Green State Forest for the freshman hike on what would be an unforgettable day. Upon their arrival, students filed off the buses, anticipating an amazing hike. And that it was, thanks to beautiful weather and great leadership from several rebbeim and faculty members. Led by Mr. Sragow, the students trekked through the woods–across rivers, through trees, up mountains–and bonded as a group. Students were amazed by the beautiful views, including the New York City skyline, and huddled up for many pictures together. The achdus was palpable as one could constantly see students helping each other through difficult parts of the hike.

Following the hike, everyone was exhausted and wanted to relax. They hopped on the buses and headed over to Greenview Park where they played some sports, hung out, davenedMinchah, and then enjoyed a tasty barbecue. They were happy to end the day on such a high note.

Everyone felt fulfilled that they were able to complete the hike. Even more so, they were happy to make new friends that they will be with during their time in MTA. They cannot wait until the next time they hike together.

Thanks to everyone who planned and coordinated this terrific experience.

Freshman Student Council Elections. On Tuesday, the entire Yeshiva University High School for Boys freshman class gathered together for what would be a short but exciting event: freshman student council elections. There were six amazing candidates who stood up in front of their peers to share how they felt they could improve the school and serve their fellow students. Everyone had the opportunity to hear how passionate these students were about impacting the school despite being here for such a short time. Following the incredible speeches, the students returned to their shiurim and were handed a ballot by their rebbeim. They were asked to vote for two candidates to represent the freshman class in MTA’s student council.

Congratulations to Yonatan Ganchrow and Davi Hazan on being elected to the student council! We know they will represent the grade well.

Thank you to all of the amazing candidates who ran for this year’s student council and made the race so close.

College Helplication. On Monday, October 19, 15 Yeshiva University High School for Boys seniors met during lunch with Rabbi Mordechai Brownstein and Mr. Murray Sragow to work on college applications. This was the first of four such lunchtime sessions, each devoted to a different type of application. Sessions are offered for YU, CUNY, Common App, and for colleges like Maryland and Rutgers that have their own proprietary application. During these sessions, students are assisted in quickly providing the technical information the applications require, so that they can proceed to the sections that require more thought, such as the essays. In the case of CUNY, which does not require an essay unless one is applying to the Macaulay Honors College, the students were able to complete the entire application during one lunch period.

Thank you to Rabbi Brownstein and Mr. Sragow, who gave up their free time to work with the applicants.


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