Dr. Cenk Sumen addressing MTA students

Students Learn About Cell Therapy

Dr. Cenk Sumen addressing MTA students
Dr. Cenk Sumen addressing MTA students

By Yehuda Weschler

On Wednesday, February 11, MTA High School students had the privilege of hearing Dr. Cenk Sumen address the Honors College and Applied Science club regarding cell therapy. Dr. Sumen works for a company called Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT), which works on healing people through the use of varying cell therapies.

Before delving into his lecture, Dr. Sumen provided some background on how substances travel throughout the human body, how cells interact with one another, and how the human body’s immune system works.

Then things got very interesting. Dr. Sumen relayed to the students the fascinating details in which T cells, which kill foreign substances in the human body, are removed from the human body unharmed, are cultivated and then released back into a human body a hundredfold. This process multiplies T cells to be able to kill substances, including cancers, that are harmful. Another name for this process of multiplying T cells and inserting them back into a person’s body is cell therapy. This therapy was successfully applied in England, where 90 percent of the patients had complete remissions from the cancers where other drugs failed.

MTA Lions Advance With Win over JEC

By Aryeh Halpert

On Wednesday night, February 18, the junior varsity Lions took on the JEC Thunder in a win-or-go-home matchup in the first round of the MYHSAL playoffs. The Lions had previously beaten JEC in the regular season 45-32 and were coming in to this game with a lot of confidence in their ability to beat them again.

After heart-pounding pre-game introductions, in which the lights in YU’s Max Stern Athletic Center went out while smoke and lasers entranced the arena, the Lions came out to a rough start, losing the tip and immediately giving up a three-pointer to JEC’s Raanan Kimmel. Kimmel, who had been sick and only scored three points during their last matchup against MTA, was looking for some redemption. Later in the first half, MTA ran into their biggest deficit of the game after giving up a three-pointer, followed by a three and one, and then an offensive rebound and a bucket off of the foul shot during the attempted 4-point play. Following this stretch, JEC was up 7 and the Lions were in desperate need of a comeback to keep their season alive. The Lions, led by Binyamin Buchbinder (11 points), Yehuda Buchbinder (6 points), and Yehuda Colton (10 points), managed to cut the deficit to a manageable 3 points by halftime. This was in major part due to Coach Weinberger’s decision to switch to a man defense to defend against JEC’s great 3-point shooting.

The Lions stormed out of the break to take a commanding 7-point lead, led by Aryeh Halpert’s (5 points) clutch three-pointer and Josh Klein’s (4 points) 3-point play on an and-1. Assisted by the great rebounding and aggressiveness of Zack Fish (who had just returned from Israel) as well as Marc Giahn’s clutch free throw shooting, the Lions pulled away with an 11-point victory. The Lions will play HAFTR in the second round of the playoffs on their quest for a championship run.

MTA Wrestling Takes Third
At Wittenberg

By Yaakov Kurlantzick and Naftali H. Horowitz

The MTA Lions, having placed seventh last year, astounded the Yeshiva wrestling world by taking third place at the 20th Annual Wittenberg Wrestling Invitational Tournament. With two wrestlers taking first place, two taking second place, two taking third place, one taking fourth place, two taking fifth place, the rest of the team winning multiple matches, and two of the captains being awarded the only two prestigious awards given to the best wrestlers at the competition, the Lions, under the guidance of former Team USA wrestler Carlos Dolmo, demonstrated an incredible performance.

Though the Lions are losing two amazing senior wrestlers, they are hoping to see many new aspiring champions join the team over the next year. Taking third place was an amazing accomplishment for the Lions and with eight soon-to-be seniors, a score of juniors and sophomores, and future freshmen, they have high hopes of taking first next year at the annual Wittenberg Tournament.

Below are the results:

-    MTA placed 3rd as a team out of 15 teams from all over the U.S.

-    Naftali Horowitz (’16) placed 1st in the 138-lb. weight class and received the Most Outstanding Wrestler Award

-    Michael Amuev (’15) placed 1st in the 145-lb. weight class and received the Dominator Award

-    Yosef Kurlantzick (’16) placed 2nd in the 152-lb. weight class

-    Yaakov Kurlantzick (’16) placed 2nd in the 170-lb. weight class

-    Izzy Frasko (’16) placed 3rd in the 220-lb. weight class

-    Aron Fried (’16) placed 3rd in the 285-lb. weight class

-    Akiva Axel (’16) placed 4th in the 120-lb. weight class

-    Noah Dure (’18) placed 5th in the 195-lb. weight class

-    Alex Knapp (’17) placed 5th in 285-lb. weight class.

In Adar With Joy

On Thursday, February 19, special programming kick-started the festive season of simcha for the whole MTA family. The previous night, the visiting Makor Chaim exchange students decorated the halls and library with awesome decorations, helping to set the tone for the day, and they then helped lead a special Rosh Chodesh davening in Lamport Auditorium in the morning, featuring lots of singing and dancing during Hallel.

At the chagigah down in the Lions’ Den, following breakfast, which included an assortment of hamantashen, MTA band and chorus instructor David Ross and his band, Shir Soul, got the ruach started with quite an electric set of simcha music. At one point, the circles of dancing kept spiraling inwards, creating a mesmerizing effect. Each shiur had the center circle at one point or another, with the seniors and their rebbeim leading the charge.

There was then a short period of rest, while the students had the opportunity to hear some words of Torah from Rabbi Taubes and from Yeshiva University s’ganmashgiach Rabbi Josh Blass (formerly a rebbe at MTA), who shared inspiring thoughts about true simcha and how we can achieve it.

Following the divreiTorah, the award-winning MTA chorus sang a cool arrangement of “Salam/Shalom” to the whole audience’s delight. Next up was the MTA band with some rockin’ talent, featuring solos by David Boim (’15), Josh Appel (’17), and Emmett Weisz (’15). Yoni Mandelbaum (’16) held the beat on the drums. The MTA band segued into set number two of dancing with Shir Soul.

After another strong set of dancing and “shtick,” we were treated to a hilarious video about chagigah stereotypes produced by the senior class, with the help of Shimmy Socol (’16).

The festivities continued in the evening when everyone was treated to cholent and kugel before mishmar, where the singing and awesome spirit continued. More is planned as we continue towards Purim. Stay tuned! v


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