Scene of terror shooting at Light Rail station Photo Newsshabi

Scene of terror shooting at Light Rail station Photo Newsshabi

Three-month-old Hayah Zissel-Baron ” was pure,” and “was murdered for no reason,” her grandfather Shimshon Halperin said in a tearful statement at a Jerusalem hospital where she succumbed to injuries from a terror attack earlier on Wednesday, Israel’s Ynet News reported.

Zissel-Baron died of injuries, and others were wounded when a Hamas terrorist drove a vehicle into people waiting at a Light Rail station close to the National Police headquarters on Wednesday evening.

“There was a suspect vehicle that hit and struck nine people that were waiting at the train stop. As a result the suspect tried to flee the scene and was shot by police officers in the vicinity,” Israeli Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told The Algemeiner.

“The pure girl was living with a holy soul that never did anything wrong to anyone,” Halperin told reporters. Hayah “was murdered for no reason. Unfortunately ‘Esau has hated Jacob’ for thousands of years. Arab hatred has no mercy,” Halperin said.

Zissel-Baron arrived at the emergency room of Hadassah Mount Scopus in critical condition, and, despite attempts at resuscitation, she was too gravely hurt from cranial bleeding to pull though surgery, according to Pediatrics chief, Prof. Yehuda Barkan.

“The baby was brought in mortally wounded. She fought for her life, but she suffered severe head injuries,” according to Barkan.

Halperin is the son of the late Rabbi Rafael Halperin, a public figure and founder of a national eyewear chain.

“Her parents are traumatized; they heard about it five minutes ago,” Halperin said. “They just returned from the Western Wall, it was [Hayah’s] first time — she lived to see the Wall. They were photographed holding her facing the Temple Mount. They told her, ‘it’s the Temple, and that is the Temple Mount.’

“Then they got off the train, and the car sped into them and the stroller, and the baby went flying,” Halperin said, recalling the horror.

“She was bleeding very badly. Doctors at the hospital did their best efforts and I want to thank them. The parents are in total shock. They were waiting for [Hayah] a long time and were so grateful when she was born,” Halperin said.

“I’ve lived in the US for 40 years, and was here with them during the High Holidays. I laughed with them all the time that God sent them a gift, a gift from heaven.

“Her grandmother and her aunt are on the plane over now, but do not know yet,” Halperin said.

“The Lord gives and the Lord takes… and may the bloodshed only stop,” he concluded, in tears.

Watch the video of Halperin’s heartrending message:

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Source:: The Algemeiner


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