Rav Samet visits Shas Yiden-Bnei Brak kollel twice a week. Two weeks ago, as he was about to enter the kollel, a man of the age 45—50 came over to speak to him. He was clearly a poor kollel yungerman, and after a few minutes it was apparent that he was a serious Torah mensch. Rav Samet thought that he was going to ask if he could join Shas Yiden, and he was going to have to detail the acceptance requirements. However, what he had to say astounded the rav.

“I am amazed at how much the Shas Yiden are able to accomplish and retain–eight daf a day plus four revisions of each! I know firsthand what that means–I am in kollel for years and put in all my efforts just to complete a daf or a sugyah, however long it takes. Hearing about Shas Yiden, I feel that I am missing so much. I want to sign a bank form to make a monthly contribution of 50 shekels from my own stipend in order to personally secure a part in their study of Shas!”

Rav Samet did not want to accept the donation, knowing what a sacrifice it would be for this man and his family. But the yungerman would not let him go before agreeing to accept the monthly donation from him. “I was overwhelmed by such a commitment to Torah and to Shas Yiden. When I told the story over to Rav Eisen, his response was that those monthly shekalim would be regarded as the kesef ha’kodesh of Shas Yiden.”


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