The Talmud (Brachos 54b) tells us that a bridegroom requires protection. But no one would have imagined a case where a groom required protection from his own bride!

Which brings us to a horrific incident involving Na Cola Darcel Franklin and Billy Rafeal Brewster, who planned to marry on Saturday morning.
But according The Morning Call the bride stabbed Brewster twice, once in the heart.

“I did not mean to kill him on purpose,” Franklin told the judge at her arraignment hearing.

The Daily News reports that “Brewster, 36, was pronounced dead at 3:24 a.m. Saturday. About an hour earlier, police found him bleeding outside the Whitehall Township, Pa., apartment he shared with Franklin, 31.

His cousin’s wife, Monique Kali, told police that the couple got into an argument and somebody yelled “knife!” She said she went to see what was happening and saw her husband standing between Franklin and Brewster. The bride-to-be was waving a knife around, and Brewster was bleeding from his side.

Fearing that her husband would be stabbed next, Monique Kali said she tackled Franklin and her husband disarmed her. Meanwhile, Brewster staggered outside, still bleeding.

Franklin was arrested and charged with one count of homicide.

The pastor who was supposed to perform the wedding at 10:00 a.m. Saturday showed up at the apartment after not being able to reach the couple, according to the Morning Call.”


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