Eric and Mina Aminoff, donors of the sefer Torah
Eric Aminoff completing the writing of the sefer Torah with Rabbi Israeli

On Sunday, September 3, the Sephardic Congregation of Hewlett celebrated a new sefer Torah. All of the Five Towns Sephardic congregations and their rabbis came together to celebrate the completion of the writing of a sefer Torah by Eric and Mina Aminoff of Lawrence. The sefer Torah was dedicated in loving memory of their beloved parents, Ben Tziyon ben Gavriel v’Pracha, z’l, Shlomit bat Avraham v’Miriam, a’h, and Rachamim ben Meni v’Adina, z’l.

The completion of the writing was at the Aminoff residence and was followed by a beautiful procession that included a float, music, and plenty of dancing as the Torah was accompanied to the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst. The police closed off Broadway as hundreds of people of all ages joined in with the celebration along the route.

Eric Aminoff dancing with the Torah with Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum

At the Young Israel, Eric Aminoff delivered an emotional speech followed by inspiring speeches by Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, mara d’asra of YILC, and Rabbi Israeli of Mill Basin.

After a beautifully catered festive celebration at the Young Israel, Eric and Mina Aminoff decided to loan the new sefer Torah to the newest Sephardic congregation in the Five Towns, The Sephardic Congregation of Hewlett, currently having services at the home of Shmuel and Anita Koren at 1725 Union Avenue, Hewlett. TSCOH was started in November of 2016 to fill the void of a much-needed Orthodox synagogue in an area where the nearest Orthodox synagogue is a mile and a half away. It began with six families and as of today has attracted 24 families to its congregation.

The Sephardic Congregation of Hewlett, with the leadership of its rabbi, Refael Ribacoff, is planning to purchase a property to host the synagogue for the growing community.

Rabbi Refael Ribacoff of TSCOH dancing with the new sefer Torah

TSCOH is currently considering the extension of the eruv to accommodate the growing needs of the community. TSCOH considers itself to be the new frontier of the Five Towns, an area that is truly a safe suburban enclave with affordable housing that is greatly underpriced compared to the rest of the Five Towns. East Rockaway, Lynbrook, Valley Stream, Hewlett Harbor, and Hewlett Neck are all within walking distance.

The new community is hoping for generous donors to come forward and help them with the purchase of a new property. As with any new synagogue, dedications are available and greatly needed. All donations are tax-deductible. 

Albert Kimyagarov, Shmuel Koren, Edward Davidov, Yehuda Michael,
and Yehoshua Zargari


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