x5By Adam Mayer

With over 400 men, women, and children in attendance and over 125 unique users streaming the event coverage live, Bais Tefila of Inwood welcomed a new sefer Torah to their growing kehillah this past Sunday, October 6. The sefer Torah originates from pre-Holocaust Europe and has fortuitously made its way over to the United States in an incredibly symbolic way. The simcha of bringing a sefer Torah out from the ashes of churban Europe and into a young, burgeoning shul of b’nei Torah and b’nei aliyah is truly a cause for joy.

Commencing at the Fischler residence on Morris Avenue in Inwood, the entire gathering marched along a major portion of Doughty Blvd (closed off to all vehicular traffic) with a parade float, live music, and police escort until they reached Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island. Once the new sefer arrived at Yeshiva Ketana, kehillah members brought out the existing sifrei Torah of both the yeshiva and the shul and the crowd danced around them with fervor and exultation. The crowd then joyously accompanied all the sifrei Torah back to the aron kodesh in the Yeshiva Ketana beis midrash. The dancing and celebration was then followed by a beautifully catered seudas mitzvah.

Amongst many wonderful matters pertaining to the day was the incredible achdus displayed amongst the Inwood kehillah and the entire community at large. Present at the hachnosas sefer Torah were many leading rabbanim and roshei yeshiva representing the entire gamut of the Far Rockaway/Five Towns Jewish community; it was a true source of chizuk to see so many come together to celebrate.

Achdus continues to be the enduring hallmark of Bais Tefila of Inwood–in both joyous and challenging times. The shul continues to grow in membership increasing its influence on the surrounding communities. Currently home to over 50 families with additional families scheduled to move in imminently, the community continues to attract young families seeking a shul with a strong sense of achdus and Torah hashkafos. What had started off less than five years ago in someone’s basement–a group of individuals struggling for a minyan every Shabbos–has with siyata d’Shmaya expanded into a prominent shul with youth programming, daily minyanim, and regular weekly shiurim. Additionally, the Inwood community has purchased a property to build a brand new mikveh for the benefit of the entire Five Towns community.

For more information about the remaining sefer Torah dedications or the shul please visit www.inwoodshul.com or e-mail info@inwoodshul.com. v


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