q3This past Thursday night, the 11th-grade masmidim class at HAFTR celebrated a siyum and seudas mitzvah on Maseches Megillah at Traditions restaurant. The students were joined their by their fathers, principal Rabbi Gedalya Oppen, their rebbe, Rabbi Baruch Fogel, Rabbi Steven Moskowitz, and Rabbi Yehoshua Marchuck. It was a beautiful siyum that celebrated the accomplishments of the boys’ dedication throughout the school year.

Rabbi Fogel, speaking at the siyum, praised the diligence of the students, who committed themselves to learning as much as possible even during their junior year of high school, when they have so many other obligations and activities that could distract them. Many students pointed out how grateful they were for the opportunity to learn Maseches Megillah, which will enhance their appreciation of Purim for the rest of their lives.

Rabbi Oppen praised the boys for their effort and pointed out that the daf yomi cycle will soon reach Maseches Megillah, which affords the boys a great incentive to review what they learned during the school year. The boys and their fathers thanked Rabbi Oppen and HAFTR for continuously pushing them to such wonderful accomplishments. v


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