The students of HAFTR’s Early Childhood division have been busy preparing for Rosh Hashanah, from learning about apples, to making their very own shofars and beautiful honey dishes to bring home.

Parents sent in a wonderful assortment of small, medium, and large, red, green, yellow, and multicolor apples, enabling the yeladim to expand their knowledge of apples to become apple experts.

The children counted, sorted, and graphed all the apples that were brought in. They examined the apples’ stickers to discover that each kind of apple has a special name. They learned that the outside of an apple has skin, a stem, and a leaf and that its inside contains a core with seeds and flesh to eat! Carefully analyzing their bountiful collection, the students classified the apples, first by color and then by size.

Did you ever wonder how tall you are in apples? The wonderful HAFTR morot are able to incorporate many lessons into one subject. Touching on math in this unit, they cut apples and counted how many pieces they got from each apple, then the students calculated how tall they are, using apples as units of measurement!

The yeladim have been utilizing apples for snack every day, from dipping the slices in honey to crushing them for a delicious drink of fresh apple juice. The children now know the sequence of events that led up to biting into this amazing fruit in school; from seeds being planted to trees growing to blossoms blooming to fruitlets budding to apples developing to being picked to being hauled in trucks to being delivered to the stores to grown-ups buying them and bringing them home to grown-ups sending them with us to the classroom to taking a delicious bite!


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