One day a week at HAFTR, a Lunch and Learn program takes place for a group of boys in fourth through seventh grades and, new for this year, for fourth- and fifth-grade girls. This group meets during lunch and they learn a daf ha’shavua curriculum. This curriculum is taken from the newly designed daf yomi for children in partnership with Bar-Ilan University. It focuses on basic Mishnah and Gemara concepts and meaningful stories about tanna’im and amora’im.

It also focuses on higher-level thinking and strong Hebrew-language skills. It is designed to provide a healthy introduction to learning Gemara. This class is being taught to the fourth- and fifth-grade boys by Rabbi Dovid Kupchik, to the sixth- and seventh-grade boys by Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Siff, and to the fourth- and fifth-grade girls by Morah Yaffa Cohen.


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