HAFTR Student Hosts Kosher.com Show for Kids


Meet Rylee Gluck. She’s an 11-year-old from Woodmere, a sixth grader at HAFTR Middle School and a streaming video sensation on Kosher.com.

Rylee Gluck taking it easy with her parents.

Rylee starred in the new Kosher.com program, NOSH & NIBBLE, the first and only online kosher cooking show for kids, by kids, and about kids. The series debuted on December 15, 2019, and the last episode will be available this week.

Rylee has lived in Woodmere her whole life with her mother, father and three older siblings. Speaking with Rylee, it is evident that she has a fun and intense way of looking at life. She enjoys cooking, but also finds herself attracted to rollerblading, debate team and acting. Her recipes focus on hands-on snacks: S’mores-inspired personal dessert pizzas and make-your-own Chanukah gelt.

“I like to use my creativity to take a new look at kids’ favorites, said Rylee. “Almost everyone loves pizza and s’mores, so why not make them together? You don’t have to watch adults make foods that aren’t necessarily for kids.”

She hopes to encourage tweens to become more comfortable in the kitchen and bring their own personal touch to snack foods. “It’s about having fun in the kitchen,” Rylee said.

Inspired by the appearance of Rachel Goldzal (champion of Food Network’s Chopped Junior) on Kosher.com’s Sunny Side Up with Naomi Nachman, Kosher.com teamed up with the Grinspoon Foundation’s PJ Library program, which offers free Jewish-themed books to readers from birth to 12 years old.

As an active member of the PJ Our Way design content team, Rylee was one of the first people to learn about the collaboration with Kosher.com and was encouraged to apply for a spot on the show. She submitted her application and was excited to be selected as the first host of the Nosh and Nibble series.

Kosher.com hopes to continue the series with other tween hosts who serve up kid-friendly recipes, demos, cool kitchen hacks, and crafty activities, all with a hearty dash of shenanigans.

“What’s unique about this show is that the kids are the stars, and they can completely take ownership of what the show becomes,” said Jenna Grunfeld, a Kosher.com producer.

Parents can sign up kids under age 9 to receive free monthly books at pjlibrary.org. Kids ages 9 through 12 can sign up at pjourway.org. Watch more cooking shows with a Jewish twist at Kosher.com.


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