HAFTR third-grade museum curators opened up their galleries to parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents at the M’Dor L’Dor: Generation to Generation evening. What a proud moment it was when family members viewed their family artifacts and the stories they told.

Students learned that by studying artifacts, you can learn about your history. Artifacts included objects, photographs, and documents. Students learned about the rich history of classmates’ families who came from across the globe. In art, students designed a heritage page that featured a photograph of their artifact, a photo of a special family member, and a description in both Hebrew and English. The artists also designed and created a family coat of arms on a metal shield that represented ideas that were important to their families and reflected their varied cultural backgrounds.

Students learned the art of metal embossing and used black paint to make their work appear antique. They incorporated their English or Hebrew initials. Graphics included a Magen David, a chanukiah, and a mezuzah.

Students presented a cantata in both Hebrew and English. “Dreams Fulfilled” was the theme of the evening. The songs students sang and their narration depicted the wishes of generations past for the continuation of Torah study and mitzvot. The event was sponsored by Miriam and Stephen Wallach in honor of Ruthie and in memory of her great-grandfather, Mr. Sol Gelb, a’h. Thanks to all the families who also sponsored the event.


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