HAFTR Wellness Program


Student development and empowerment is a substantial part of the HAFTR Middle School curriculum, and is already in full swing this year. Seventh-grade students have begun participating in a digital citizenship curriculum led by director of guidance and pupil personnel services Dr. Yali Werzberger.

Students learn about perceived anonymity and disinhibition online, and are given the tools and strategies to promote positive behaviors and interactions in the digital realm, as well as advocacy tools, teaching some of what they have learned to their peers and younger students.

Eighth-graders are actively working on their Capstone projects. During this year-long project, students research their family story, culminating in a Ted Talks type speech about how their family values will help them write the next chapter of their lives.

Students already know what to expect from the project and are excited about learning more about their family background and developing their oral expression and public-speaking skills. Faculty advisers Rebecca Zweibon and Rinat Balsam will be instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.


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