OU Press, the publishing division of the Orthodox Union, announces the publication of Halacha Yomis: A Daily Halachic Companion. Containing 354 brief selections, one halacha for each day of the Hebrew calendar year. Halacha Yomis, by Rabbis Yaakov Luban and Eli Gersten, is a highly readable compendium of practical laws and customs. The book is based on a daily e-mail newsletter compiled by the Kosher Division of the Orthodox Union, in memory of Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Belsky, zt’l, a renowned halachic authority and one of the senior poskim of the OU Kosher Division. Rabbi Luban is an executive rabbinic coordinator for OU Kosher and serves as rabbi of Congregation Ohr Torah in Edison, New Jersey. Rabbi Gersten is the recorder of psak and policy for OU Kosher.

Halacha Yomis addresses a wide range of practical subjects. The book is divided into two sections: Orach Chaim, covering the laws of everyday, Sabbath, and holidays; and Yoreh Deah, which discusses the intricacies of kosher law. Some of the subjects addressed in the Orach Chaim section include, for example, the laws of blessings on foods such as pizza, granola bars, and peanut butter; the laws of Sabbath, such as candle lighting in a hotel, eating before Kiddush, and using a sous vide machine; laws of Pesach, including the status of various foods and condiments as well as the laws of chametz after Pesach; and the laws and customs of the Omer and the Three Weeks periods.

The Yoreh Deah section of the book includes discussions of such issues as the definition of glatt meat, what to do if a piece of chicken appears bruised, the status of gelatin, the laws of separating meat and dairy, chalav Yisrael and gevinas Yisrael, dairy bread, separating challah, yashan, toveling and kashering utensils, and how to use one microwave for both meat and dairy.

As attested to by the thousands of subscribers who have been reading and enjoying this halacha series for years by email, Halacha Yomis is a worthy companion to the study and observance of halacha in our times.


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