halb-modiin-please-add-this-pictureThe Hebrew Academy of Long Beach has an online and video Skype partnership with the Ariel school in Modi’in through the Israeli program called Schools Online. This partnership is exciting for HALB for many reasons, but mainly because it links the fourth-grade boys’ class of Isaac Casper, whose family recently made aliyah, with his old HALB friends in the fourth grade. Similarly, HALB created a linkage between the fourth-grade girls. In preparation for this partnership, the Bnot Akiva of HALB had each student write an information card in Hebrew that was given to the children in Israel. The students at the Ariel school were excited to get the letters and quickly wrote letters in return.

Kol Yisrael areivim zeh l’zeh. HALB works to teach children to be more inclusive and to reach beyond their comfort zone in engaging their peers.


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