Just Right Books at Lev Chana
Just Right Books at Lev Chana
Just Right Books at Lev Chana

Early Childhood co-directors Felecie Akerman and Lisa Zakutinsky are so excited with the progress the HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center kindergarten children have made so far this year with regard to their decoding and comprehension skills. In celebration of their successes thus far, an additional component was added to their reading program: the independent readers or, as they are called, the “Just Right” books. These books are usually a level or two below the kindergarten child’s small-group guided-reading level, so that the children will be able to read without too much difficulty. Their reading will, for the most part, be smooth, effortless, and fluid. The children are encouraged to read to their parents nightly, and parents become active partners with the morot as they support and assist their child with the reading strategies they have been learning in school.

As their children read, the parents are encouraged to help them connect the story to something with which they are already familiar, make and confirm predictions to understand the text, ask and answer questions, retell the story, and sequence the events.

The “Just Right” books go home in special plastic book bags and are returned when the child finishes reading the books and is ready to choose others.

“This is a thrilling time for our kindergarten children and their parents. They are taking a monumental leap towards literary independence and we know that our kindergarten parents will shep nachas as they listen to them and share in their reading accomplishment,” commented Mrs. Akerman and Mrs. Zakutinsky.


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