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Congratulations to Benjy Wiener, an eighth-grader in HALB, who has created a Gematria Calculator App for the iPhone. A seventh-grader at HALB and a member of the HALB Geek Squad under the guidance of Mrs. Shuly Rubel, Benjy took to coding when he signed up with other Geek Squad members to codecademy.com. Learning HTML and Java Script helped him understand the coding process and furthered his interest in coding. Benjy’s grandfather suggested the idea of a Gematria Calculator.

Benjy first began coding using HTML and then tried Python. After getting several inquiries as to when it would be on the app store, he decided to make an iOS version. The rest is history!

The Gematria App calculates the Gematria (numerical value) of any Hebrew word or phrase. It updates the result as you type–no need to press any buttons first. It calculates in regular Gematria, Gematria Ketana (all the letters’ values are single-digit), Expanded Gematria (the value of each letter in the spelling of the letter is counted, so א would have the value of א + ל + ×£, or 111) and Reverse Gematria (א = 400, ת = 1). Benjy’s app even saves your calculations for later viewing and/or comparing.

Benjy is currently working on his next app–iRecipeBox.


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