Rocket launchers in Gaza. Credit: IDF.

Rocket launchers in Gaza. Credit: IDF.

( Hamas spokesperson Isra al-Mudallal said that the terror group often intimidated and sometimes deported foreign journalists who attempted to film “from where missiles were launched” during the Gaza conflict.

In an interview on Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV network that was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), al-Mudallal said foreign journalists in Gaza were fixated on “the notion of peace and on the Israeli narrative,” and also insisted on filming places where the missiles were launched from.

“These journalists were deported from the Gaza Strip,” al-Mudallal said. “The security agencies would go and have a chat with these people. They would give them some time to change their message, one way or another.”

Al-Mudallal also said Hamas kept close tabs on foreign journalists.

“Some of the journalists who entered the Gaza Strip were under security surveillance. Even under these difficult circumstances, we managed to reach them, and tell them that what they were doing was anything but professional journalism and that it was immoral,” he said.

Earlier this week, the Foreign Press Association (FPA) in Israel condemned Hamas for curtailing journalistic freedom in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.

“The FPA protests in the strongest terms the blatant, incessant, forceful and unorthodox methods employed by the Hamas authorities and their representatives against visiting international journalists in Gaza over the past month,” the association said in a statement.

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