The Mamilla shopping center of Jerusalem. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( Two Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem were indicted Sunday on charges of planning to carry out a large-scale terror attack for Hamas at a popular Jerusalem shopping center over the upcoming Jewish holidays, Israel Hayom reported.
The Mamilla shopping center of Jerusalem. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. According to the indictment, Ahmad Rishak, 23, and Ismail Abu Mfalfal, 27,were allegedly in
the advanced stages of planning the attack on the popular Mamilla shopping mall in Jerusalem. Hamdi Romana, a 22-year-old Ramallah resident Hamdi Romana, recruited Rishak, who then recruited Mfalfal. Romana, Rishak and Mfalfal were among five men arrested in a joint operation by the Israel Security Agency, the Israel
Defense Forces and the Israel Police, but only Rishak and Mfalfal have so far been indicted.
Romana plotted on to assemble a pipe bomb and plant it in a densely populated area with the explicit aim of “killing the maximum number of Jews.” Mfalfal and Rishak were maintenance workers at the Mamilla shopping mall. Mfalfal gathered about 40 pellets to be incorporated into the bomb, and allegedly provided Rishak with the chemicals needed to manufacture the bomb.
The men allegedly planned to disguise the bomb like a gift in a box of chocolates, and to put the “gift” in a trash can
at the shopping center during one of the upcoming Jewish holidays.


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