Mesivta Ateres Yaakov received a visit from the Tefillin Awareness Project during which qualified sofrim reviewed the external kashrus of talmidim’s tefillin.

Following Shacharis, Reb Avrumi Schechter, founder of the program, addressed the mesivta about the importance of the mitzvah of tefillin and reviewed some of the basic halachos. He noted that one typically fulfills the mitzvah of tefillin 300 times a year, which according to the Rambam totals 2,400 mitzvos!

Placement, kesharim (knots), retzuos (straps), tefiros (stitching), and re’buah (squareness) were all checked. According to Reb Schechter, tens of thousands of Yidden in all different Orthodox communities have taken advantage of this unique program. Talmidim were able to have their tefillin adjusted, painted, and many opted to purchase new straps, when needed. Tefillin covers were available as well and each boy received a free mirror for checking placement in the future.

The mesivta thanks Rabbi Yehuda Horowitz, mashgiach ruchani, for organizing this inspiring and useful event.


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