By Sender Gross

Almost 40 HANC High School senior boys spent this past Shabbos in Cedarhurst for their annual senior boys’ Shabbaton. The Shabbaton was filled with ruach and excitement from all the boys who participated.

The event started Friday afternoon when the seniors arrived at their hosts’ homes. Shabbos began with the boys’ davening together at Aish Kodesh, after which they were privileged to hear a personalized and uplifting dvar Torah from Rav Moshe Weinberger. For the Friday-night meal, the students were graciously hosted by Rabbi Shimon Chrein and his family. The boys enjoyed a gourmet meal, enhanced by dancing, zemirot, and divrei Torah. The ruach continued at the home of Rabbi Weingot with a spirited one-of-a-kind oneg.

On Shabbos morning, the boys attended various shuls in the Cedarhurst community. Shabbos lunch was hosted by senior boys’ mechanech, Rabbi Sam Rudansky, and was followed by an enlightening speech from the Vice Chairman of the Miami Marlins, Joel Mael.

Shabbos culminated with a beautiful seudah shelishit at the home of Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, menahel of HANC High School, where the students heard encouraging and powerful words from Mr. Ari Schonbrun, a survivor of the World Trade Center attacks. Mr. Schonbrun reminded the seniors that as they leave high school, they should always maintain their close relationship with their yeshiva and with Hashem. In all, it was a fantastic Shabbos which will be remembered by all the seniors. v


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