The Cahal kindergarten class at HANC celebrated the conclusion of an exciting and successful school year with a beautiful graduation ceremony on Wednesday, June 20. Rabbi Yaakov Sadigh, principal of HANC elementary school, opened the event with words of praise for Mrs. Melody Harris, the Cahal teacher who has impacted the lives of a generation of children by giving them the confidence and skills to succeed. Almost half of her class will be attending mainstream yeshiva classes next year.

Through song, dance, and narration, the children shared their knowledge and appreciation of the chagim, parashah stories, and the land of Israel. All the parents and grandparents in attendance shepped tremendous nachas from their beautiful children. After receiving their diplomas, the students awarded certificates of recognition to a select group of HANC fourth and sixth graders who served as “big brothers and sisters” for them throughout the year.

Mrs. Harris expressed her appreciation to her outstanding assistant teachers and the children’s therapists, and to many others in attendance. She praised the HANC administration for caring so deeply about the Cahal program and always including her students as part of their own student body. She singled out Mrs. Randi Silber, the HANC director of pupil personnel services, for her unwavering dedication to each student and to Cahal, especially this year. Mrs. Harris concluded the program with gratitude to the children’s parents for partnering with her and sharing their nachas.

Cahal just completed its 26th year educating children with various learning challenges in our community yeshivas. This past year, Cahal had the largest enrollment in its history with nearly 120 students in 12 classes through high school. Registration is open for the 2018-19 school year.


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