HANC - Shabbos Project BoysThe students at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County learned about and celebrated Shabbat, as part of the worldwide “Shabbos Project” scheduled for Shabbat ParashatNoach. As part of the “Shabbos Project,” students learned that Hashem gave Shabbat to the Jewish People as a gift so that they have a day on which they turn off all outside distractions and focus on building their relationship with Hashem and with their friends and families through davening, shiurim, and Shabbat meals.

Students at the Early Childhood Center celebrated Shabbat with a special Shabbat party, complete with grape juice, challah, Shabbat treats, and Shabbat songs. Students also made a beautiful card with the berachah for Shabbat candles. The students were excited to take their cards home so they could be used for candle-lighting!

At HANC 609, the goal was to deepen and solidify the Shabbat experience using our senses. In kindergarten and first grade, students learned and sang zemirot while enjoying special Shabbat treats. In second and third grades, the children designed and created beautiful berachah strips highlighting the custom of “BirchatHaBanim.” Fourth- and fifth-grade girls learned about the mitzvah of challah and baked challot for Shabbat. Sixth-grade girls used strands of challah to create beautiful napkin rings, while the boys in grades 4-6 created besamim from their yomtovesrogim. The sights, sounds, and delicious smells of Shabbat permeated the classrooms and halls and it was truly inspiring to be part of such a wonderful Shabbat experience.

Thank you to Morah Elana Jacobs and Rabbi Michael Merrill for spearheading the Shabbat festivities at HANC 609.


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