Oneg Shemesh brings in the Purim celebration
Oneg Shemesh brings in the Purim celebration
Oneg Shemesh brings in the Purim celebration

Welcoming Adar and Getting Ready for Purim. In the spirit of “Mishenichnas Adar marbin b’simcha,” the students at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School & Early Childhood Center in West Hempstead welcomed the month of Adar with tremendous enthusiasm and simcha.

Students in kindergarten through second grade had a wonderful time at a special program called Musical Minds, led by Sara Schonfeld. The students learned all about different kinds of drums and how to create music by using different methods of hitting the drums. Third through sixth graders had a fabulous rosh chodesh chagigah filled with music and dancing, led by music teacher Rabbi Shapiro. The room was filled with so much singing, dancing, and fun that the walls and floors were shaking. Morah Jacobs and the fifth-grade girls had a fantastic time showing off their crazy hats while they danced and sang their way through the classrooms.

Students at the ECC were treated to a huge rosh chodesh celebration with Oneg Shemesh. During the celebration, all the students received groggers and noise-makers and then enjoyed delicious hamantashen.

The students at the ECC are also busy getting ready for Purim. Students are learning about the Megillah and dressing up to reenact the story of Purim. Students are also excited to be making their own megillot and groggers to use at shul. Chodesh tov and Purimsameach to everyone.

Learning About the U.S. Presidents. In preparation for Presidents Day, second-graders in Mrs. Lehmann’s and Ms. Teitelbaum’s classes did an exciting research project about U.S. presidents, using their iPads. The students used a school app about U.S. presidents to look up and record information on their favorite president. The students learned which number president he was, what state he represented, information about his political party, and how long he was in office. The students also learned about the many different contributions that each president made to our country. The students had a great time using their iPads to learn about our past presidents.

Fifth-Grade Siyum. Mazaltov to the fifth-grade girls in Morah Jacobs’s Chumash class on completing ParashatSh’mot. To celebrate their milestone, the students had a wonderful siyum full of parashah-related games that the girls created themselves. A few days before the siyum, the students were split into groups to work together to design games about the parashah for their fellow classmates to participate in at the siyum. The games included “Jewparty” (based on the classic Jeopardy), during which the students had to answer questions on the perek, a fortune-telling machine that gave out “fortunes” which were really questions on the perek, and an obstacle course that included activities like “stretch your hand like Batya to reach Moshe in the basket,” and “spread the basket with clay.” Sound effects and costumes made the game shows feel real. After completing the games, the students enjoyed a siyum feast of treats and goodies.

The whole class enjoyed the preparation for the siyum as well as the siyum itself. And as one fifth-grader said to sum up everyone’s feelings, “This was awesome!”


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