HANC - Freshman RetreatThe HANC High School Class of 2018 was inaugurated into high school at the annual freshman retreat this past Sunday and Monday, September 14 and 15, at Camp Kaylie in Wurtsboro, NY.

The students participated in two days of activities, learning sessions, entertainment, and “just-getting-to-know-one-another” activities. The sprawling lawns with the fall foliage as the backdrop set the scene for the opening team-building session and the class photo.

The retreat started with an incredible hike in Harriman State Park where students climbed to the peak, “Almost Perpendicular.” Students were awed at the beautiful vista and were overheard saying, “Mah rabu ma’asecha Hashem.”

The learning sessions gave the students the opportunity to see the sources in Tanach and Chazal that delve into their retreat theme of “k’ish echad b’lev echad–like one man with one heart”! The night activity game of Team Balderdash generated team excitement and the most fictitious answers that we have ever heard. (What did happen on May 19, 2010?)

Ninth grader Batsheva Moskowitz recalls that the students had a chance to meet new people and have a great time.

The highlight was the situation-dilemma skit performed by faculty, which the students found amusing. Administrators and teachers impersonated a new student trying to make new friends. The students are looking forward to their next four years as they embark on their high school careers.

Thank-you to Rabbi Aharon Friedler for organizing the retreat and to the faculty and senior student advisors who helped make this event a success.


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