Chag HaSiddur

Kindergarten visits LICM. Kindergarten students from HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School, in West Hempstead, had a wonderful time at the Long Island Children’s Museum.


During their visit, the students stopped at a number of exhibits; each exhibit explored a different scientific concept that shapes our world. In Feast for Beasts, the students examined different animals’ bodies to learn how they adapt for the type of food that they eat. In Building Boom with KEVA Planks, the students used KEVA building blocks to learn about balance, proportion, and geometry. In Healthyville, the students used the latest scanner technology to select the proper food for a healthy diet and to demonstrate the muscles and bones of our bodies in action. The grand finale was the bubble room, where the students explored the magical world of bubble water. Students had a great time experimenting with wands and tubes of different shapes and even got to go inside a giant bubble that surrounded them.

HANC kindergarten at LICM
HANC kindergarten at LICM

Chag HaSiddur celebration.Mazaltov to all the kitahaleph students on receiving their first siddurim! The students in Morah Shoshana’s and Morah Katz’s classes sang songs about tefillah and having gratitude to Hashem. The students did a fantastic job singing together and reciting their individual lines; each student delivered an outstanding performance. The parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, and friends who came to celebrate with the students were all tremendously proud. And the students were all really proud of themselves; their faces positively glowed as they came up to receive their first siddurim from Rabbi Sadigh and Mrs. Deutsch.

Chag HaSiddur
Chag HaSiddur

A big thank-you goes to Morah Shoshana, Morah Katz, Morah Chavy, and Morah Brittany for all their hard work, and to Rabbi Shapiro for his wonderful musical accompaniment, as well as to the PTA for the collation and to the parents who sponsored the ChagHaSiddur. HANC would like to thank Mrs. Tawil for the wonderful scenery and Morah Dafna for the beautiful labels that were placed in the children’s siddurim.

May the students’ beautiful tefillot continue to go directly to Hashem, and may they always bring nachat to everyone they encounter.

“Derech eretz” doughnuts. Third-graders in Rabbi Merrill’s class have learned that derecheretzkadmalaTorah, that having good middot is a prerequisite to being a Torah-observant Jew. Third-graders are working hard to be good friends, to treat each other with respect, and to have great derecheretz. To remind his students about the importance of derecheretz, as well as to acknowledge and celebrate the students who demonstrate fantastic derecheretz, Rabbi Merrill gives out “derecheretz tickets.” After receiving a certain number of tickets, students receive the grand prize–an invitation to a derecheretz doughnut party! The first group of third-grade derecheretz superstars just earned enough tickets to enjoy a yummy doughnut party.

HANC is so proud of all the students for their commitment to Torah and to behaving with derecheretz.

Wondering about a world with no numbers. Mrs. Pinn challenged her sixth-grade math students to ponder the question “What would the world be like without numbers?” Students were asked to think about the question and to compile and present a report to the class with their thoughts.

The students offered some remarkable analyses and thoughts about how we use numbers and what the world would be like without them. Students suggested that science, technology, medicine, and all related innovation would be stymied without numbers. Students also suggested that cooking and baking would be a disaster without numbers to guide us on how to measure ingredients properly. Students also noted that without numbers we would never know how to get dressed properly because we wouldn’t be able to communicate about weather and temperature. A number of students suggested that our economy would come to a halt if we no longer had numbers and money.

Students were sad to realize that without numbers there would be no dates or calendars and therefore no birthdays or birthday parties! Students posited that the world of music would forever be altered without numbers because music is measured in beats, which are numerically based. One student even pointed out that the Torah describes the days of creation as “Day One,” “Day Two,” “Day Three,” etc. so that without numbers there would literally be no world!

While some students said they’d be happy in a world without numbers because then there would be no more math homework, all the students agreed that the world could not exist without numbers because numbers play such an important role in our lives and in the world around us.

High School principal visits alumni learning in Israel. Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, the menahel of HANC High School, visited with alumni learning in Israel. Rabbi Adelman met with each of the students in their seminaries and yeshivot, as well as at the annual shanah aleph reunion, which was held this year in Soyo, an elegant restaurant in the heart of Yerushalayim. The reunion was an opportunity for the students to share divreiTorah, relive high-school memories, and reconnect with each other, all while enjoying a delicious meal. Rabbi Yisrael Weingot, a beloved rebbe at HANC High School, joined Rabbi Adelman on the yeshiva visits and provided special divreichizuk at the reunion.

Upon returning from his trip, Rabbi Adelman proudly described the nachat that he received from the students. “It is so powerful to witness firsthand the incredible growth and development of our students and how beautifully it builds upon the solid foundation that they received at HANC. The hakaratha’tov that each of the students has for their HANC education and experience was a recurring theme at every yeshiva and seminary that I visited.” v


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