Seventeen HANC High School students were officially inducted into the school’s Maalot chapter of the National Honor Society at the end of December. Selected on the basis of their scholastic excellence, service to school and community, character, citizenship, ahavat Yisrael, limud haTorah, and derech eretz, these sophomores, juniors, and seniors joined with the other 37 established members in a beautiful candlelight ceremony in the HANC auditorium. After short greetings by associate principal Mrs. Carole Tabin; Honor Society advisor Ms. Karen Sheff; Maalot president, senior Jacob Kessler; and HANC principal/menahel Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, the inductees were presented with their NHS certificates and membership cards by Mrs. Carole Tabin and assistant principal Ms. Tziporah Zucker. Science chairperson, Mrs. Marie Palaia, and Rabbi Mezei helped recognize the current members of the National Honor Society. Kudos to freshman Sarah Byrne and senior Michelle Teitelbaum, who provided the musical accompaniment, and to the members of the boys’ chorus, who assisted during the singing of the National Anthem and the Hatikvah.

HANC’s NHS chapter is named Maalot after the northern Israel town of the same name, in which 23 yeshiva high school students were murdered in cold blood by Palestinian terrorists on Yom HaAtzmaut 1974. Rabbi Meyer Fendel, HANC’s founding dean, established HANC’s Maalot chapter l’zecher nishmot the 23 korbanot. v


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