The HANC reunion in Israel
The HANC reunion in Israel
The HANC reunion in Israel

HANC High School’s menahel, Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, accompanied by the director of Israel guidance, Rabbi Avraham Ismach, visited alumni spending their year in Israel over winter break. HANC hosted a reunion for all the students on Tuesday evening, January 14, at the OU Center, providing a delicious pizza dinner, inspirational divrei Torah, siyumim, and a nostalgic video montage.

As everyone arrived, students embraced one another with open arms as if no time had passed between the reunion and their last visit. The video, put together by current HANC senior Alex Sachs, was a heartwarming highlight of the night, comprising messages from HANC teachers and students. Throughout the event, students and teachers exchanged stories and recent experiences, catching up with old friends.

Additionally, Rabbi Adelman and Rabbi Ismach spent four days visiting the various yeshivot and seminaries, including Harova, Hakotel, Shaalvim, Baer Miriam, MMY, Raishit, Mikdash Melech, Midreshet Moriah, Tiferet, KBY, Darchei Binah, and Netiv Aryeh, meeting each of the roshei yeshivot/menahelot and catching up with the HANC students in each of the schools.

“While I hope that our visit provided chizuk to our students,” said Rabbi Adelman, “I can’t overstate how inspired and uplifted we were by what we witnessed and heard over the course of our visit. The high level of limud haTorah and spiritual growth on display by these outstanding young men and women affirms the value of the important foundation they received in their homes and here at HANC, which served as a crucial springboard for the immense success that they are now experiencing. It is very inspiring.” v


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