Rabbi Yisroel Chesir, Rabbi Shimon Chrein, and Almumus Shlomo Amsellem with the Sophomore Boys in Rabbi Chesir’s home in Monsey, New York

On Shabbat parashat Toldot, the HANC sophomore boys were treated to an all-inclusive Shabbat experience in Wesley Hills, Monsey. Prior to Shabbat, the boys enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch, followed by an afternoon of activities that included paintball, archery, football, basketball, and riding ATVs.

Rabbi Yisroel Chesir, a respected HANC rabbi, and his shul, Congregation Tiferes Yisrael, warmly opened their hearts and homes to the HANC boys, hosted them for the Friday night Shabbat meal, as well as provided them with luxurious accommodations. Rabbi Chesir and his wife hosted a post-meal oneg Shabbat on Friday night, as well as a delicious lunch the following morning.

Not only was the food delicious and abundant, but the speakers’ inspiring words nourished the boys’ souls as well. The sophomore boys were privileged to hear from the great Rabbi Yaakov Twersky of Milwaukee, who spoke with and blessed each boy individually. Additionally, they were treated to words from Rabbi Chesir, Rabbi Shimon Chrein, and their fellow students.

After Shabbat the boys boarded their luxurious coach bus and headed home with memories that will surely linger in their hearts and minds for many years to come. HANC would like to thank the Chesirs and their community for hosting such a wonderful Shabbat event for the sophomore boys, and look forward to returning in the future. Thank you to sophomore boys’ mechanech, Rabbi Shimon Chrein, for organizing this amazing Shabbat.

The Junior boys joined Rabbi Daniel Mezei and his family for an inspirational Shabbaton on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The weekend began with a football tournament played against the backdrop of the East River Bridges. Shabbat meals were enjoyed together in an atmosphere of spirit and warmth. Participants were treated to homecooked Persian and Ashkenazic cuisine.

Students met Rabbi Dovid Feinstein and enjoyed talks from community members on topics ranging from the Hatzolah organization and their efforts on 9/11 to the historic personalities of the Lower East Side. Cultural stops included a walking tour of Lower Manhattan which included a tour of the Eldridge Street Synagogue. The Shabbat was filled with divrei Torah, inspirational conversations, and spirited zemirot.

After Shabbat the students went to see STOMP, an exciting off Broadway production, had melaveh malkah, and then headed back to Uniondale. The Shabbaton continues to elicit warm and meaningful memories from our students.

HANC Senior Girls also spent Shabbat with their teachers and principal in the Five Towns.

This past Shabbat, parashat Toldot, the senior girls were privileged to spend a Shabbat in the Woodmere community. The theme for the Shabbaton was “decisions” as it connected to many of the experiences of the avot and imhahot that are mentioned in recent parashiot. This represented the stage of life that the senior girls are currently in.

For Friday night dinner, the girls enjoyed the hospitality of their respective hosts. Afterwards, they joined together for a lovely tisch at the home of their mechanechet, Morah Adina Waldman. On Shabbat day, the girls made their way to shul at Aish Kodesh, and then walked to a hearty and spirited lunch hosted at the home of their rebbe, Rabbi Yisroel Weingot and his wife, renowned mechanechet, Mrs. Suri Weingot.

After the seudah, the students spent the afternoon at the home of their mechanechet, where the girls enjoyed each other’s company while participating in thought-provoking and fun activities prepared by Morah Nomi Bensoussan. In addition, the students were privileged to meet and hear from Mrs. Estee Rapaport who shared her inspiring journey of emunah. The girls then went to the home of their principal, Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, who together with his wife Chany, hosted a beautiful seudat shlishit. Shabbat ended with unified singing and ruach among the girls.

On Motzaei Shabbat, the girls had a blast at paint night at Make It Too in Cedarhurst.

Thank you to the mechanchet, Mrs. Adina Waldman for organizing this amazing Shabbaton and to all the teachers who hosted.


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