Simon Steinberg and Sam Talit at the HANC Science Fair

The Minyan Room at HANC’s Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding’s Elementary School in West Hempstead was transformed into a science museum. The fourth-grade students created extraordinary displays that reflected their work for the annual science fair. With guidance by HANC’s inspiring science teacher, Jonathan Eisenkraft, each child explored a topic of interest to them. The students then developed their own hypothesis, designed an experiment to prove or disprove their theory, and designed a display on a trifold to explain their findings. The topics ranged from experiments with eggs and other food items to fingerprints, geckos, vision loss, balloons, magnets, wingspans of rockets, and electricity. These are only a few of the wonderful ideas from the creative minds of HANC students.

HANC Science Fair

The children in grades three, five, and six had the opportunity to visit all of the booths that the fourth-grade students created and learned a great deal from the array of experiments. It has been an exciting year of discovery in the fourth-grade science lab, and HANC is looking forward to seeing even more amazing work in the future!


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