Lunch break at high schools is typically a time for students to catch up on homework, play ball, or socialize. Yet upon entering the HANC beis midrash during lunch on any given day, one will find upward of 20 students learning amud yomi with the popular and dynamic maggid shiur, Rabbi Yisroel Simcha Weingot.

The goal of this program is to complete Maseches Megillah over the course of the year by learning at least one amud (page) of Gemara every shiur. This program was created to commemorate the IDF soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice defending EretzYisrael this past summer during Operation Protective Edge.

Participation in the program is voluntary, and students will be treated to a special sponsored luncheon several times throughout the year. To celebrate this wonderful accomplishment and honor the memory of these heroes, the program will conclude with a schoolwide siyum and a meaningful trip for all the participants.


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