HANC Elementary School Siddur Play

HANC Elementary School kitah aleph students received their very own first siddurim on Sunday, January 6. The two first-grade classes performed magnificently. Each child performed with confidence, reciting his/her part and sang beautifully. The children sang of tefillah and gratitude to Hashem.

Their faces glowed expectantly as they came up to receive their siddurim from Rabbi Sadigh, Mrs. Deutsch, Rabbi Merrill, and their classroom teachers; Morah Hila, assisted by Mrs. Zimerman, class 1-210 and Morah Rivka, assisted by Morah Ahuva, class 1-212.

May our children’s beautiful tefillot continue to reach straight up to Hashem, and may they always bring nachat to their families.

Kari Levine, a HANC alumna herself, provided the fantastic accompaniment. HANC’s hardworking PTA sponsored a collation for students, parents, and grandparents. HANC takes great pride in launching our first grade students on their journey to tefillah.


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