Getting to know you at HANC

The seventh grade girls had an incredible time at their “sweet” meet-and-greet on September 9. The ice cream sundae bar was especially fun and yummy. After the food, the girls were randomly put into groups and then the real activities began. Human bingo was a hit, where each girl had to find someone “allergic to apples,” with a “birthday on a holiday,” or something else that’s unusual. This gave the girls an opportunity to talk to each other and find out new information. Each girl loved the M&M activity, which included taking a handful of chocolate and each color represented a different question to answer: for example, “what is your favorite movie or book?” The girls loved the food and activities and were thrilled to spend time together. Thank you to the morahs for planning and organizing this amazing event.

HANC 7th grade boys

On Friday, September 13, the seventh grade boys, along with Rabbi Olshan, Rabbi Dworetsky, and Dr. Levey gathered in the middle school beit midrash for a “get to know your classmates” activity. The boys first started off with some snacks that included delicious rugelach and croissants. Following snacks, each seventh-grade boy was asked to randomly select five M&Ms. They went around the room and each student introduced themselves and then answered a question based on the color of the M&M. For example, Blue = Favorite Food; Yellow = Favorite Book or Movie; or Red = Telling the group something about their family. Thank you to all the rabbis and Dr. Levey for planning and organizing the event.

On Monday, September 16, middle school parents came to follow their child’s schedule and experience a “day” of classes. The parents were immediately greeted by Rabbi Hecht as they walked through the front doors and enjoyed coffee and snacks sponsored by the PTA. Then, Rabbi Hecht and Mrs. Morey spoke for a few minutes about the exciting new school year. Mrs. Morey expressed her thoughts on the school’s theme: Relentless. The parents were thrilled and excited to go from class to class, meeting each teacher and getting a little taste of middle school.


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