Chazak party. Students in kindergarten through second grade at HANC’s Samuel & Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School, in West Hempstead, celebrated the completion of Sefer Bereishis with a spirited chazak party! Rabbi Michael Merrill read the last few pesukim of Sefer Bereishis from a sefer Torah. After the final words were read, all the students responded with an enthusiastic “Chazak, chazak, v’nitchazeik.” After the reading from the Torah, the students continued the celebration with singing and refreshments. All the students are excited to start Sefer Sh’mos!

Sefer Bereishis dioramas. Students in Morah Shoshana’s first-grade class reviewed Sefer Bereishis by creating dioramas. Each student was given a topic in Sefer Bereishis that he or she brought to life with an original and creative diorama. The students had a wonderful time learning about their topics and presenting their dioramas to the other students. The dioramas are now displayed in the school lobby so you are invited to come take a peek!

Honoring victims of Sandy Hook. The parents and faculty of HANC join people all over the world in mourning for the loss of the students and faculty who were so senselessly killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14. Six-year-old Noah Pozner was one of the students killed on that fateful day. In response to questions about how to pay tribute to her son, Veronique Pozner said that memorial contributions could be made toward planting trees in Israel. In memory of Noah Pozner and all the other victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the HANC G.O., under the guidance of faculty advisor Mrs. Karen Spitalnik, has donated money to Hadassah to plant ten trees in Beersheva River Park, currently under construction in Beersheva by the Jewish National Fund. May the memories of all the victims be blessed. v


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